JMCL Freightways Ltd is a Freight Forwarder based in Southampton (UK) just outside one of the UK’s largest ports. We are a small to medium sized company which allows us to give a more personal service to our customers. As JMCL Freightways Ltd is an independent owned freight forwarder this enables us to offer more choices in the market which in turn helps us to offer better freight rates to our clients.

Why should you choose JMCL Freightways Ltd?

The decision to use the services of smaller freight forwarders has several benefits. Freight and shipping are multi billion pound industries in the UK. It is not unusual for large logistics giants to post revenues in the billions. Independent freight forwarders will have lower overheads and expenditure. The bigger companies generally only operate at fixed prices and with fixed supply channels, whereas smaller companies have the freedom to use a wider variety of suppliers, and can offer the same services as large freight forwarder just at a lower rate without compromising quality of service.

An independent freight forwarding company will offer a more personal and bespoke service. We have all suffered the feeling of being “just a number” while dealing with large companies. Many small to medium sized freight companies will be dealing with their clients on a personal level, and will often recognise their clients by the sound of their voice on the telephone. Many independent freight forwarders are specialists in a particular niche, and this expertise and knowledge can be of great importance when dealing with customs paperwork and foreign shipping formalities.

Despite conceptions, there are no worldwide freight companies that operate solely with their own trucks, ships and planes. Some forwarders might have sole agency agreements, but most will sub-contract services at some point within the shipment. Many large freight forwarders have bulk throughput discounts with certain carriers, which limits their choice of carrier and can limit the transit times and price. Even today, many European countries are still very regionalised. A smaller freight forwarder may be able to save costs by using locally based hauliers, rather than having to use a large automated depot and hub system where shipments can get damaged and go missing relatively easily.

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If you have any questions or enquiries please contact one of our customer services team on +44 (0)23 8001 6155 or alternatively email and we will be able to help you with any requirements you may have.